The Story


As kids, we wanted to eat pizza every day, as adults we are able to make our dream a reality and can obsessively eat (and make) pizza without reprimand. 

Here at Saraghina we want to serve good food made with love. We aim to recreate the food we ate growing up in Italy, the food we craved as we rushed home from school or a good soccer game, the kind of meals our mothers prepared with love and the freshest ingredients from the local mercato. As in any good Italian casa, our home was always filled with sound, but when the aroma of mamma’s cooking filled the air, we would race to the table and then there was nothing but silence. 

Saraghina is our second home, where we prepare the food we serve our own families. We are not looking to re-invent the pizza-wheel, rather we continue on in the tradition of our mothers using a very simple and pure way of cooking and, of course, amore.